Barry J. Nadell

Photographer, Barry J. Nadell, a Los Angeles native, was born and raised in Hollywood — the world of fashion and celebrity.  Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbi Reynolds and Betty Grable were just a few of the “runway models” who “performed” for ‘Hand Knit Elegance’ by Diane Abramson – a world renowned clothing designer and Nadell’s friend and mother.  Growing up in the fashion industry under Diane’s tutelage, the young apprentice received first-hand knowledge about photography, fashion, celebrity and, most important, discipline.

At an early age he picked up a camera, pretended he was and dreamt of becoming a famous photographer.  Later in his youth, Nadell thought it best to ‘broaden his horizons’ and discover additional interests.  Upon graduating from college, determined to make his “mark” in the world sans family assistance, Nadell became a very successful entrepreneur.  But, his passion for photography remained steadfast and, when he retired in 2006, photography took ‘center stage.  Nadell inevitably returned to his roots.

He began shooting Glamour-style photos, created a company, Vantage Models, LLC., and went on to be recognized and published, internationally.  His photography took him to exotic destinations from, Beverly Hills, Miami, Malibu, photographing horses on his ranch to shooting in Santorini, Greece.  And, it was in Santorini, where Nadell found his vision, and his niche —  fashion photography.  He is now living his wildest dream.